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Here is a short video showing the transformation of a project we just completed in Speegleville last week.  Give us a call for a free estimate today!  (866) 24RESTORE.  The scope of this project was to repair and beatify the exterior of the home and property.  To enable this amazing transformation, we performed the following services:
  • Roof Removal – Removal of Composition shingles, tar paper and underlying cedar shakes.
  • Roof Replacement – Installation of Radiant barrier decking, synthetic under-layment, new lead vent pipe covers, new valley flashing, new drip edge, a new chimney cricket, new 30-year architectural shingles and z-ridge shingles on the ridges.
  • Fascia – Replacement of rotten fascia and trim
  • Doors & Screens– replacement of exterior doors and screens including garage door.
  • Landscaping and cleaning – Pressure washing and pruning back vegetation throughout the property
  • Caulk and Paint – Caulking and painting of entire exterior of the home.
The end results, were amazing.  If you are considering having any work done around your home, we are a full service construction and restoration company and we would be glad to provide a free estimate.  Restore Point is proud to offer, roofing, restoration, remodeling and construction services to Waco, Temple, Gatesville and beyond.
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