Tile Selections

There is something comforting about coming home to a beautiful bathroom after a long day.  A properly designed bathroom will create a sense of peace and a large part of it comes down to the choices you make regarding, tile and flooring.  Whether you are building new or remodeling, choosing the right tile for your bathroom is important.  There are many different types and sizes of tile, made from a variety of materials and the different designs are endless.  So… with this huge selection of materials to choose from, how do you pick the right one for your new bathroom?  Well, as with any decision, the more you educate yourself and knowledge you posses on a subject the better decision you will tend to make, so let’s get started.

  • Your Budget- Determining how much you want to spend will have a huge impact on the choices you make.

  • Theme- The theme and architectural design of your home and your bathroom, what does the rest of your house feel like? How do you want it to feel?

  • Wear & Tear- How much use will this bathroom get?

  • Color & Texture- What colors and textures do you like.

  • Radiant Heat- Does or will your home have radiant heating in the floor?

  • Tile Size- The size of the tile you choose, affects the price. A general rule of thumb is the smaller the tiles, the more labor it takes to install.

  • Grout- What size grout lines do you prefer?

  • Pattern- What pattern do you want the tile installed in?

 of Tile

Ceramic tile what most people think of when they think of tile.  It is very popular for a variety of reasons, they are not easily broken, easy to maintain, cost effective and come in  a variety of styles and patterns.

  • Glazed ceramic does not absorb water

  • An almost endless variety of colors and designs

  • Very durable

  • Relatively inexpensive

  • Not as impervious to water as porcelain, but less expensive

  • More expensive, than vinyl or linoleum

  • Can be colder to the touch than other options

When most people think of porcelain, words like fragile or breakable.  When is comes to porcelain tile, that is not the case, although all tile is breakable.  Porcelain tile is harder, more durable, more scratch resistant, absorbs less water, and is more stain resistant than traditional ceramic tile.  While porcelain tile is similar to ceramic there are some key differences.

    Porcelain clay is kiln dried at higher temperatures than ceramic clay, which in-part explains its better performance and durability as a bathroom floor tile compared to ceramic tile.

There are also a lot of options as you can get porcelain tiles in many colors and as well as designs that mimic other natural materials such as wood and stone.  If you’re installing radiant heating, porcelain is a great choice.

  So why wouldn’t everyone use porcelain over ceramic?  Price, plain and simple, on average porcelain is almost twice the price of ceramic.

  • More durable than Ceramic

  • Huge color selection

  • Great looks

  • Very resistant to water

  • Many designs that mimic other flooring, like wood etc.

  • Expensive

Terracotta is an old-fashioned tile, that is more common in Spanish style homes.  It is usually reddish or earthy in color and comes in many shapes and sizes.  However, they usually are larger in size, with larger grout lines than ceramic or porcelain. They provide a warm and rustic feel, that is naturally inviting.

  • Warm and cozy ambiance

  • They typically do not get as cold as ceramic tiles

  • Fairly easy to install and maintain

  • Require a sealant every few years to properly maintain

Limestone tiles come in naturally warm shades and for the ambiance it is a great choice for a bathroom.  However, a sealer is required as it is naturally very porous and you should not use cleaners that are high in PH.  Travertine tile is a type of Limestone that has large porous holes throughout. 

  • Durable

  • Soft- so they can be shaped

  • Colors are limited as it is a natural stone

  • Must be well sealed as it is very porous

    One word beautiful…Marble tiles are sophisticated and extravagant.  They come in different shades and polish, some with beautiful veins throughout.  If money is no object, it is a great choice.

  • I say again..Beautiful

  • Colors are limited as it is a natural stone

  • Cost, it is expensive

  •  It is susceptible to staining and chips

    Glass tiles tiles are great for natural light, available in different sizes, shades and textures.  With uses ranging from an exterior window, to  accent pieces, the various applications and versatility make it a great choice to incorporate into your plans.  

  • Versatility, can be used in almost any application

  • Transparency, lets in natural light

  • Easy to clean

  • Shows Dirt easily

  • Susceptible to chips and breaks

Metal tiles are mainly used for accent pieces.  They come in a wide variety of shapes, colors, patterns and sizes.  These are a great compliment to almost any tile design.


 Notable mentions

   Other tile options that are not as mainstream include: Granite, Cork , Cement Bodied, Slate Tiles and others. 


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