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5 Star Review from Port Aransas

Water_Storm_Damage_Before (5) Water_Storm_Damage_After (15)
Water_Storm_Damage_Before (24) Water_Storm_Damage_After (17)

    After Hurricane Harvey slammed through our community of Port Aransas, TX on August 25th, 2017, I found myself like many others, with nowhere to stay, all my belongings soaked with water and in desperate need of a contractor to help repair my heavily wind and water damaged home.  In the coming days, I would also learn, much to my dismay, that the insurance I had on my home excluded, wind and flood damage. This would mean I would have to pay for the extensive repairs out of pocket. As a retired school teacher, living on a Teacher Retirement Salary and working a minimum wage part time job. I would have to draw on my savings and other investments to pay for the damages.

    With no insurance money to pay for the repairs, I was having a very difficult time finding a contractor that would agree to do the work. I was also concerned about being taken advantage of, as I have no experience in this arena. Fortunately, my brother was able to help me locate and find a reputable contractor that happened to be wrapping up a job and was willing to work with me on the financials. The name of the contractor was Heath Witte, with Restore Point – Restoration, based out of Waco, TX.


        After my initial meeting with Mr. Witte, I felt relieved. He answered all my questions, showing great patience and compassion for my situation. He then prepared a detailed estimate of the repairs and went through it with me, until I had a comfortable understanding of all it entailed and what to expect throughout the process. I found it to be serendipitous luck, to have been able to find such a great contractor.

    From the day I signed the contract on December 3rd, 2017 until the day it was complete on February 14th, 2018. I watched the work on my home progress with excited curiosity. Throughout the project, I made several observations. Mr. Witte was a “hands on” leader, that was there everyday at 7:00 am. As a teacher I could appreciate the way he showed those less experienced, how to perform certain tasks and delegated difficult tasks to those who were more experienced. I never once heard him raise his voice, everything was organized, with no wasted effort. I watched excitedly as my home was completely transformed from a complete disaster, into a beautiful home, far more beautiful than it was before Harvey.

    As the project began to near completion, I began to notice, there were several items that had been repaired, that were not damaged by the storm and were not in the estimate. On the day the home was completed, I asked Mr. Witte about these items, he said it was his gift to me, for all I had been through…Happy Valentine’s Day! He then provided me with the final bill, that had much to my surprise a Preferred Client Discount! Unfortunately, it would be months before I would be able to pay him. I had been waiting on funds from an annuity that I had cashed out, to be able to pay for the repairs and the insurance company had been dragging their feet. I had started this process in December and it would be April before I would receive my funds. I was so distraught that I was unable to hold up my end of the bargain at the end of the project.

    Mr. Witte showed such great patience with me, and told me not to lose sleep over it, the money would come, and he could wait. I want to again say thank you to Mr. Witte, his crew and Restore Point for making a difficult time bearable. Therefore, I enthusiastically, give Restore Point a 5-star recommendation. I have heard so many horror stories from friends and neighbors about dishonest and manipulative contractors, I feel so blessed to have been able to find a great one.

– Marie Ripps, Port Aransas, TX


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