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Mobile Home Water Damage and What You Need to Know.

If you own a manufactured home and suffer a water leak, there are some things that you need to know to help minimize the water damage to your home. Manufactured homes are constructed differently from site-built homes. One of the biggest differences is the foundation or sub-floor. In this diagram you can see the layers that are beneath the floor of your home. When you have a water leak the water will find its way through the floor and will work its way into the insulation layer before being stopped by the water proof belly paper. Once it reaches this layer it becomes “trapped” in the layer of insulation. The water cannot run out onto the ground as it has reached the water proof layer. In this instance, the water tries to escape through evaporation, which is extremely slow, if at all, due to the vapor barrier and flooring substrates above it. The result of this, if not taken care of quickly, is the perfect breeding ground for mold to rapidly multiply.

Another concern is the structural integrity of the sub-floor. Many manufactures have used particle board for the sub-floor material. Which works fine, as long as it is never exposed to moisture. Once it gets wet, it will expand and begin to lose its structural integrity. If not replaced, you will more than likely find yourself getting out of be one morning and falling through the floor. If your home was built with this material, there is unfortunately only one way to repair this and that is to remove the flooring and cut out the damaged sub-floor and replace it with plywood decking, this can be an invasive and expensive endeavor. In order, to minimize these damages, the best thing you can do, is to call Restore Point and have it dried out and repaired as quickly as possible.