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After Hurricane Harvey
Storm Damage Before Storm Damage After

On August 25, 2017 Hurricane Harvey made landfall on the Texas Gulf Coast. The communities of RockportHoliday BeachPort Aransas and many others would become “Ground Zero” for one of the most devastating storms in U.S. history.  The damage caused to homes and businesses in the area was enormous.  Less than a week after Harvey left, Restore Point arrived with a 5th wheel, a hammer and hope … hope of finding work, hope of making a better living for my family, hope of helping people put their lives back together and hoping that leaving my family at home in Waco, Texas for a year wasn’t a mistake.

The storm affected everyone in these communities in various ways.  The owner of the property photographed here suffered a great deal of loss.  His business was amongst the first building hit in Rockport as Harvey made landfall.  It was a laundry mat located very near the waterfront, After Harvey nothing remained but the concrete slab. The washers and dryers that once lined the walls, providing this gentleman with his only source of income, were scattered across town, like the leaves of fall.

Unfortunately, he had no coverage for his business and would be forced to sell the property where it stood, to make ends meet.

The property photographed here was the shop that he had next to his home, located a few miles away. Inside he stored all his memories – wildlife mounts, paintings, his tools … all completely destroyed.

When I received his call for an estimate it was three months after the storm hit.  When I arrived, he still had not received any funds from his policy and had not touched any of the property in the yard, for fear it would not be covered.  I sat down with him and his daughter and tried to help them with the steps, they should take to get their claim paid and provided them with an estimate to send to the insurance company to help expedite the process, but mostly I just listened.  I listened to a sad tale, that at any point could be anyone’s sad tale.

Unfortunately, it would be months before he would receive his funds from the insurance company but we started repairing his home and shop immediately as he was understandably in tears saying he could not stand to look at his belongings scattered in the yard another day.  We cleaned up the yard and cleared the slab of the old structure and got to work.

As you can imagine, this job involved a great deal of water damage remediation and restoration as well as new construction. The most important pieces to put back together, however, were the pieces of this gentleman’s life and heart.

When we had completed the new shop photographed here, he was again in tear, only tears of Joy. It was one of the most gratifying projects I have ever been a part of and would be the first of many that I would complete over the next year.