Luxury bathroom on a budget...where to start?

A beautiful bathroom can have a very positive effect on your daily life. It can be that hot soak after a long day or the refreshing shower early in the morning. While most all bathrooms provide these amenities, the positive effects of luxury bathroom on your mood and well being can be an often over looked benefit when considering a bathroom remodel. We all like a little bit of luxury in our lives, that bump into first class, you weren’t expecting, the elegant dinner for your anniversary or the afternoon at the Spa. These are the kinds of things that brighten your day, and make that smile come a little bit quicker or depending on how much you spent…make you feel guilty for splurging on yourself…which defeats the purpose.
Unlike these other luxuries, pampering yourself a little with a luxury bathroom can be investment and done properly an investment that doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Here are some cost saving tips that will help you get the most for your money.

Set a budget …and stick to it.
This can be hard to do as the project goes along it is easy to get wrapped up in marble, granite, tile and so on. You also need to budget for the unexpected, you know the rotten subfloor or the mold in the insulation behind the shower or the plumbing that must be replaced. These are things you and your contractor won’t know until they get into the job. In, fact the one thing you can count on throughout this process is the unexpected. So, set aside 15-20% of your budget to cover this and with a little luck hopefully this will be savings in the end.

Not Hiring the lowest bidder…
This is the toughest advice to take. There are a lot of ways that you can cut costs on your project, without having the result look…well cheap. Your biggest expense will be your contractor, it is easy to go with the cheapest bid or the guy from work who does it on the side. The one thing I can tell you from years of experience is you get what you pay for and trying to save here can cost you twice as much down the road due to poor craftsmanship. A huge percentage of our work over the years, involves fixing prior mistakes. Find a contractor that is experienced, insured and receives good reviews.

Be frugal…not cheap…
When picking out materials for your project you must use good judgement. This is where, if done properly you can get that luxury bathroom without breaking the budget and without trying to save so much that the end result looks like it. Things to consider here are items that will have a similar look and feel, for less money. Here are some examples of cost saving things to consider

If a custom shower with tile surround is in the budget. There are lots of ways to get similar results for less. Number one rule of tile, the smaller the tile the more it will cost to have installed, (more tile more cuts=more time more money) For most shower applications a mid-size tile that covers around 1 to 2sf will get you the most bang for your buck. When choosing tile make sure the tile you are picking out are available with edge treatments, these would be items like bullnose or quarter round tile for edges etc. Some tiles are designed for flooring or backsplash applications where they are to be used without or with different edge treatments. Make sure that they have enough tile on hand for the job, with a little left over for repairs down the road, if necessary. Tile patterns change all the time and you are unlikely to find the same tile in a year or two, if you needed to make a repair.

Depending on what you have in your budget, you can save money here with different types of flooring that will provide beautiful results. While we all would love to have marble floors, for most of us that isn’t in the budget. Your other options include tile, linoleum, sheet vinyl and a newer product called vinyl planking. This product is a very cost-effective way to get the look of wood floors without the expense or worry of water. as they are water proof and work great in bathrooms kitchens etc. You can find a great selection of these at Home Depot as well as Lowes.

Depending on how in depth you are going on your remodel you may be replacing water and light fixtures as well as mirrors. When it comes to mirrors in some cases you can have the mirror trimmed out to give it a picture frame look instead of replacement. You can see some examples here at Mirror Mate.  Another cost saving practice I have seen done is painting light fixtures and bathroom hardware rather than buying new. You can also save by replacing the shower head instead of all of the fixtures as well as replacing the toilet seat instead of the toilet seat.

Some additional items to consider that will make your new bathroom feel like your own personal heaven on earth are installing an electric ventless fireplace or even an HDTV. Electric fire places are relatively inexpensive and can be found at stores like Lowes and Home Depot, as well as online at Amazon.

When you are ready to transform your bathroom into your personal paradise. Give us a call for a free consultation (866) 247-3786.



Manufactured Homes and water leaks…What you need to know.

If you own a manufactured home and suffer a water leak, there are some things that you need to know to help minimize the damage to your home. Manufactured homes are constructed differently from site-built homes. One of the biggest differences is the foundation or subfloor. In this diagram you can see the layers that are beneath the floor of your home. When you have a water leak the water will find its way through the floor and will work its way into the insulation layer before being stopped by the water proof belly paper. Once it reaches this layer it becomes “trapped” in the layer of insulation. The water cannot runout onto the ground as it has reached the water proof layer. In this instance, the water tries to escape through evaporation, which is extremely slow, if at all, due to the vapor barrier and flooring substrates above it. The result of this, if not taken care of quickly, is the perfect breeding ground for mold to rapidly multiply.

Another concern is the structural integrity of the subfloor. Many manufactures have used particle board for the subfloor material. Which works fine, as long as it is never exposed to moisture. Once it gets wet, it will expand and begin to lose its structural integrity. If not replaced, you will more than likely find yourself getting out of be one morning and falling through the floor. If your home was built with this material, there is unfortunately only one way to repair this and that is to remove the flooring and cut out the damaged subfloor and replace it with plywood decking, this can be an invasive and expensive endeavor. In order, to minimize these damages, the best thing you can do, is have it dried out and repaired as quickly as possible.


A Review From One Of Our Clients In Port Aransas


After Hurricane Harvey slammed through our community of Port Aransas, TX on August 25th, 2017, I found myself like many others, with nowhere to stay, all my belongings soaked with water and in desperate need of a contractor to help repair my heavily wind and water damaged home.


In the coming days, I would also learn, much to my dismay, that the insurance I had on my home excluded, wind and flood damage. This would mean I would have to pay for the extensive repairs out of pocket. As a retired school teacher, living on a Teacher Retirement Salary and working a minimum wage part time job. I would have to draw on my savings and other investments to pay for the damages.


With no insurance money to pay for the repairs, I was having a very difficult time finding a contractor that would agree to do the work. I was also concerned about being taken advantage of, as I have no experience in this arena. Fortunately, my brother was able to help me locate and find a reputable contractor that happened to be wrapping up a job and was willing to work with me on the financials. The name of the contractor was Heath Witte, with Restore Point Restoration, based out of Waco, TX.


After my initial meeting with Mr. Witte, I felt relieved. He answered all my questions, showing great patience and compassion for my situation. He then prepared a detailed estimate of the repairs and went through it with me, until I had a comfortable understanding of all it entailed and what to expect throughout the process. I found it to be serendipitous luck, to have been able to find such a great contractor.


From the day I signed the contract on December 3rd, 2017 until the day it was complete on February 14th, 2018. I watched the work on my home progress with excited curiosity. Throughout the project, I made several observations. Mr. Witte was a “hands on” leader, that was there everyday at 7:00 am. As a teacher I could appreciate the way he showed those less experienced, how to perform certain tasks and delegated difficult tasks to those who were more experienced. I never once heard him raise his voice, everything was organized, with no wasted effort. I watched excitedly as my home was completely transformed from a complete disaster, into a beautiful home, far more beautiful than it was before Harvey.

As the project began to near completion, I began to notice, there were several items that had been repaired, that were not damaged by the storm and were not in the estimate. On the day the home was completed, I asked Mr. Witte about these items, he said it was his gift to me, for all I had been through…Happy Valentine’s Day! He then provided me with the final bill, that had much to my surprise a Preferred Client Discount! Unfortunately, it would be months before I would be able to pay him. I had been waiting on funds from an annuity that I had cashed out, to be able to pay for the repairs and the insurance company had been dragging their feet. I had started this process in December and it would be April before I would receive my funds. I was so distraught that I was unable to hold up my end of the bargain at the end of the project.


Mr. Witte showed such great patience with me, and told me not to lose sleep over it, the money would come, and he could wait. I want to again say thank you to Mr. Witte, his crew and Restore Point for making a difficult time bearable. Therefore, I enthusiastically, give Restore Point a 5-star recommendation. I have heard so many horror stories from friends and neighbors about dishonest and manipulative contractors, I feel so blessed to have been able to find a great one.


- Marie Ripps, Port Aransas, TX

Rockport Restoration After Hurricane Harvey


On August 25, 2017 Hurricane Harvey made landfall on the Texas Gulf Coast. The communities of Rockport, Holiday Beach, Port Aransas and many others would become “Ground Zero” for one of the most devastating storms in U.S. history.  The damage caused to homes and businesses in the area was enormous.  Less than a week after Harvey left, Restore Point arrived with a 5th wheel, a hammer and hope … hope of finding work, hope of making a better living for my family, hope of helping people put their lives back together and hoping that leaving my family at home in Waco, Texas for a year wasn’t a mistake.


The storm affected everyone in these communities in various ways.  The owner of the property photographed here suffered a great deal of loss.  His business was amongst the first building hit in Rockport as Harvey made landfall.  It was a laundry mat located very near the waterfront, After Harvey nothing remained but the concrete slab. The washers and dryers that once lined the walls, providing this gentleman with his only source of income, were scattered across town, like the leaves of fall.


water storm damage restoration restore point waco texas


Unfortunately, he had no coverage for his business and would be forced to sell the property where it stood, to make ends meet.


The property photographed here was the shop that he had next to his home, located a few miles away. Inside he stored all his memories - wildlife mounts, paintings, his tools … all completely destroyed.


When I received his call for an estimate it was three months after the storm hit.  When I arrived, he still had not received any funds from his policy and had not touched any of the property in the yard, for fear it would not be covered.  I sat down with him and his daughter and tried to help them with the steps, they should take to get their claim paid and provided them with an estimate to send to the insurance company to help expedite the process, but mostly I just listened.  I listened to a sad tale, that at any point could be anyone’s sad tale.


Unfortunately, it would be months before he would receive his funds from the insurance company but we started repairing his home and shop immediately as he was understandably in tears saying he could not stand to look at his belongings scattered in the yard another day.  We cleaned up the yard and cleared the slab of the old structure and got to work.


As you can imagine, this job involved a great deal of water damageremediation and restoration as well as new construction. The most important pieces to put back together, however, were the pieces of this gentleman's life and heart.


When we had completed the new shop photographed here, he was again in tear, only tears of Joy. It was one of the most gratifying projects I have ever been a part of and would be the first of many that I would complete over the next year.